Mike Kerslake

Software Projects

I am primarily a JavaScript developer, who has an affinity for building with React. Below are the most recent software projects I've developed or have had the pleasure of working on with a team. For a full list of what I'm currently working on, please checkout my Github.

autobs - cli

autobs - cli

Developer, Maintainer

August 2018 - ongoing

Simple and terse cli for automated BrowserStack and Webdriver front-end testing.

autoBS wraps around Nightwatch, and builds configuration files on the fly. No more hassle in managing complex configuration builds for each environment you need to write front-end testing for. Just enter your BS credentials and start running tests!

  • Intuitive yet configurable command line interface
  • Developed with NodeJS and Yargs
  • Currently in development and soon to be open source


Developer, Maintainer

June 2018 - ongoing

mvt.js is a lightweight a/b testing framework and dom manipulation library. This tool allows developers to rapidly create variations for optimization testing that can be injected at runtime.

  • Write tests in a component structure, reducing boilerplate for each variant
  • Compatibility with single page applications built on front-end frameworks such as React
  • Detects component re-renderers, and adapts variant based DOM changes accordingly
  • Currently in development and soon to be open source

obey the coin - cli

Developer, Maintainer

November 2018 - ongoing

Simple cli application for those who are indecisive. Heads = yes, and tails = no. Flip a coin once, or up to a billion times, right from the command line. Developed for further exploration of command-line parsing, console output, and node functionality.

  • Includes statistical tracking, auto tie-breakers and animations
  • Developed with NodeJS, Yargs and ora
  • Completely open source and available on npm



December 2017

An application to tag, label and find open parking spots within NYC, in real time, as well as validate spots against local parking laws. Application is integrated with data from NYC DOT.

  • Developed with the NERDS stack (Node, Express, React w/ Redux, PostgreSQL), Mapbox JS, AWS, Socket.io, D3, & Google’s Map API
  • Draggable and flexible map markers, indicating when a spot was last reported
  • Ability to upload an image of the parking space
  • Spots are analyzed with time of day and placement against NYC Department of Transportation laws to ensure accuracy
  • Spots automatically 'decay' over time, to emphasize how likely the space is still open
  • Real-time updates via websockets
  • Authentication for Facebook, Google or email via Passport


Sole Developer

November 2017 - ongoing

An application to help herbivores discover and research which food items or recipes are vegan or vegetarian, on the go (to stop being that annoying person whom asks 'is there meat in this?'). Application will parses search query and utilizes Edaman's database to render item or recipe nutritional makeup. Results without elicit labeling are analyzed to determine 'vegan' status.

  • Developed during a single ‘hackathon’ weekend
  • Utilizing the NERDS stack (Node, Express, React + Redux, PostgreSQL)
  • Full user authentication with Passport
  • Detailed nutritional information by Edaman API
  • Google Images API for generating product imagery on the fly

Wayne Warehouse


October - November 2017

A full fledged eCommerce shopping application to sell mock products (offered of course, by the Wayne Enterprise). Developed from with the NERDS stack (React, Redux, PostgreSQL, Node, Express), Passport, D3, bcrypt and Socket.io.

  • Complete sales funnel from product to checkout
  • Fully operational admin panel for adding products, listing orders, inventory stock, managing users and permissions
  • Authentication for Google or email via Passport
  • Dynamic homepage sales sliders, right-side sliding cart view and category call to action sections
  • Product database seeding via a single script and easily defined JSON objects